What Is Lucky Doge Club?

Lucky Doge Club is a collection of 11,000 Lucky Doges on blockchain which are chosen carefully from 20 Quadrillion doges via algorithm by combining hundreds of properties with varying rarities in different categories (hair, hat, earing, expression, beard, glasses, mask, dress, bag, necklace, badge, background) on the ethereum blockchain. Each doge is unique and precious. What's more, each doge is also your pass to Lucky Doge Club, a community for members. Ownership includes your doge's creative and commercial rights.

What Makes Lucky Doge Club So Awesome?

Equal Distribution

Some NFT Collections withhold a portion of the more valuable items for certain reasons, while every doge in Lucky Doge Club will be released to the market at launch.

Copyright Transferred

Once you buy a Lucky Doge NFT, you are transferred full ownership and copyrights! You could do whatever you want!

High Resolution

Pictures of Lucky Doge are clearly rendered at 1,024 by 1,024 pixels – perfect for printing out or posting on any form of social media.



Only 0.05 eth each!

NFT Community Grant

We are 100% lover and supporter of NFT community. That's why we decide to reward the community with 600 free Lucky Doge Clud NFT to the selected NFT owners.
Any NFT holder of Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks and Meebits can mint one Lucky Doge for free, limit to one per wallet.

First come, first serve.

Lucky Doge Club Road Map


We will select the 200 Lucky Doge owners and each of them will get 1 Lucky Doge for free.

First Community ETH Raffle

Once we sell out 30 % of Lucky Doges, Lucky Doge owners can participate in a community exclusive raffle to win some Ethereum. Your luck value will be in great value now!


We will launch a game in which all holders could play hard and earn hard. What's more, every doge is really lucky doge which can help you to earn more money in a more rapid way.

New Generation

New generation will be born which will absolutely blow your mind.